Monday, 30 March 2009

Strange Google Result!

I just searched in Google to see where my blog was ranking and this is a screenshot of the results!

strange google result

There's clearly more that 2 results per domain appearing! Must have been some kind of temporary glitch, searching for the same keyword a moment ago the results were back to normal.

Uploading Images to Google Local

In the past I have found it really frustrating when adding pictures to Google Local listings.

pemberton google local listing

This morning I was uploading pictures for one of our Metafocus clients, Pemberton, caterers in Nottingham. Often, uploading pictures is a really slow and painful experience! Sometimes the images don’t upload properly, and on many occasions fail.

I have found that hosting the pictures online and then using the “Add a photo from the web” option works much more effectively. Rather than sitting through minutes watching the upload icon wondering what is happening, you just copy and paste the links into the box and click “Add Photo”. When uploading the pictures stored locally on my computer, I sometimes loose track of which images have been uploaded. The thumbnail images are not always displayed, which makes it easy to upload the same image twice without realising.

Using this method has also helped me to keep track of which photos have been used for the Google Local listing. Having the images hosted in a file on the server means they are easy to find and locate. This can save time in the future if any of the pictures need to be reused for other directory sites, blog posts or on the clients website.