Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Hockerton Housing Project

Hockerton Housing Project

The Hockerton Housing Project (HHP) was established in 1997 and now have a long established wealth of practical knowledge and expertise in autonomous housing, renewable energy projects and sustainable construction.

The HHP offer help for community groups setting up renewable energy projects based their experience with Sustainable Hockerton.

They also provide an opportunity to visit Hockerton Housing Project, a community project with very low impact houses and autonomous services. People often find that the tours are both informative and enjoyable - they are in the best place to discover what we has been done. We also run tailor made visits, master classes and dedicated tours.

In addition they can help with design advice, see our architectural services .

If you would like to arrange a tour, it will incorporate:

  • Site tour from one of the resident project members – highlighting: what its like to live in the houses, renewable energy systems, autonomous water systems, self-sufficiency (food), waste management.

  • A tour around one of the project member's homes, highlighting key environmental features, how the home is designed to only use 10% of a typical UK home, and how individuals can take their own positive actions to reduce energy.

  • A small exhibition in our sustainable community building and, should you require, a chance to experience one of the compost toilets!

  • A brief presentation about the construction of the homes, and the background about the materials used (why they were chosen and their performance qualities

Please be aware, there is small a charge for these events. These fees help cover the costs of the tours - charges vary depending on the content and length.

Occasionally, houses at the project do become vacant. Details about these will be posted out to via their email newsletter. Make sure you will be one of the first to know by signing up on their website!