Friday, 18 February 2011

Beginners guide to link building

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So one of the big tasks with SEO is link building, and it’s a timely job! But if you want to achieve those top rankings its a must do!

There are a 3 core rules with link building:

1) Keep it consistent; gaining 10 links a day, everyday is better than gaining 300 links in one day and none for the rest of the month

2) Avoid reciprocal links, there's not much value in linking to each other

3) Google is becoming extremely smart when it comes to link selling programs - so don't buy links - you could be kicked off Google!!!

Link building can be broken down in to 15 areas, these include:

  • General business directories
  • Niche business directories
  • Local area business directories
  • Business Forums
  • Niche business forums
  • Blog posting
  • PR article websites
  • Social bookmarking
  • Social networking
  • General link directories
  • Guest blogging
  • Link bait
  • Video creation
  • CSS Gallery Submissions
  • Testimonials

To find out more about the above areas, click here which will take you to Dave Cain's SEO blog, who is a SEO Nottingham expert and advisor.

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