Monday, 6 October 2008

Using Panoramio for SEO

Have you ever noticed that when you look at Google Maps there are often photos added to the map? These photos are from a website called Panoramio - it is very similar to flickr, allowing you to upload photos, give them a description and then tag them with locations on the Google Map.

I have just looked at the Google Map for Nottingham and this screen shot shows a small snippet of the city centre:

nottingham city centre

Clicking on the images will open up a slightly larger thumbnail which displays the photo title. It can be a great way of exploring cities and also sharing photos with friends and family.

This month I am going to upload pictures for our SEO clients. Today I have added some images taken at the Paintball Jungle, a Paintball Centre in Nottingham. The company have lots of pictures of people having fun at their Mansfield Paintball venue.

mansfield paintball

nottingham paintball

nottingham paintball centre

The Panoramio site is a great way to share photos and also hopefully generate some extra traffic to their website.

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