Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Bloggers and Blogs in Nottingham

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I was reading the forum on Leftlion the other day and someone posted a thread about blogs in Nottingham. It got me thinking about how many different blogs there are from people or companies in and around Nottingham.

Many of our monthly SEO clients have blogs. The blogs allow us to regularly generate content for their sites and help to attract more visitors and inbound links.

Some of our client blogs include:

Metafocus - Our work blog with info about online marketing, company news and client details.
Bournes Debt Solutions - Information and advice about managing your debts
Cascades Diary - A luxury bed & breakfast near Matlock in Derbyshire.
Four Corners IFA Nottingham - A Nottingham based group of Independent Financial Advisors.
Globus Worldwide - A Russian language school who provide Russian language tuition in Moscow & St Petersburg.
Gonalston Farm Shop - A farm shop in Nottingham selling local farm produce.
The Jungle Blog - An outdoor adventure playground in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire.
Mobility Buddy - News, reviews and information on Disabled Scooters and Walking Aids
Morley Hayes News and Events - A hotel and golf course near Derby
Online Marketing Nottingham - Online Marketing news from my colleague Stuart
Internet Marketing Nottingham - Internet Marketing news from my colleague Rich Moore

Some other interesting Nottingham blogs that I read are

May Contain Notts - Nottingham related chelp and mither
Nottingham Daily Photo - Daily photos taken in and around Nottingham
Logic Flip - a Nottingham based company who build web applications that are easy to use

If anyone has any other Nottingham blogs then get in touch and I will add a link to them on this blog.

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nottgirl said...

Hi I write a Nottingham blog called Nottingham Is Crap - the link is
Also on my blog are links to a 16 other Nottingham blogs all written by individuals (rather than organisations). There are quite a few of us around.