Wednesday, 12 November 2008

New SEO Client: Ketech


Over the past few weeks I have been working on the SEO for a company called KeTech.

KeTech offer a very large and wide selection of services. Established in 1998 to provide communication systems consultancy, design, engineering, software development and maintenance services to the transport sector. Over the past few years they have expanded into several different markets by taking over several firms. This has led to the creation of several new KeTech divisions: KeTech Systems, KeTech Defence and KeTech Detection.

Recently the company have launched a new website and we will be optimising certain areas of their site which represent the main services that they wish to promote.

The KeTech site is aimed towards a fairly specific niche business to business market. This can throw up some challenges and can mean that the website will be optimised for quite “low traffic” keywords.

Some of the keyword research for the site took longer than expected. For example, KeTech were keen to promote their vehicle tracking and wireless communication applications. A keyword such as “wireless communication” receives a high number of daily searches, but it is quite general – there are lots of different results when you search it in Google. For many of their keywords we had to come up with longer tailed keywords or synonyms of popular keywords. Examples of keywords we are optimising the site for include radio communication systems, explosive detection, baggage x ray, remote telemetry, retail telecommunications, and transportation information systems.

The website was built using our Web Manager 1 CMS and contains about 80 pages. I was initially surprised at how big the site was when I started working on it. It is taking quite a long time to go through the pages adding in links and keywords in appropriate places.

After working on the site for just a small amount of time we are starting to see some very encouraging results in the search engines. This trend will continue as we build link in links and develop the content on the site.

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