Friday, 27 June 2008

Big changes to the internet and the world of SEO?

The way people use the internet could really change over the next few years. Today, in Paris, Icann, the internet regulator voted in favour to relax the current rules on “top-level” domains.

What does this mean? Well, when picking a domain, instead of picking from the standard list of .com, or .net etc it will be possible for people or companies to set up their own user defined domain names. The new plans make it possible for top level domains based on any string of letters in any script.

This means that we could soon see web addresses with a host of brand names and keywords appearing in them. This is likely to have a very big impact on SEO and the search engine optimisation industry.

Some of our clients could be in a position to change their domain names. For example, the Paintball Jungle could change their address to something like www.nottingham.paintball or us at Metafocus could change our address to www.metafocus.seo. The possibilities could be endless!

It isn’t all good news though! The cost of creating a customised TLD is estimated in the very least to be a 6 figure amount!

One country who looks set to loose out will be the Polynesian Island of Tuvalu. They have been making lots of money leasing .tv domains to television production companies!

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Rich Moore said...

Very interesting blog post, thank you. I wonder how long it will take before we start seeing more creative use of top level domains.

This could completely change how we find our way in the internet. Or, are we too attached to .com and domains?

Thinking about some of my clients, would be a better address than Interesting...