Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Debt Advice Across the UK - Bournes Debt solutions

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Recently the company have expanded across the North East and North West of the UK. Bournes Debt Solutions can now offer their services in the following areas:

Debt Advice Nottingham
Debt Advice Newcastle
Debt Advice Durham
Debt Advice South Shields
Debt Advice Manchester
Debt Advice Oldham
Debt Advice Stockport

The Bournes debt advisors can offer advice on many financial areas including charging orders, County Court judgements, basic bank accounts, consumer credit agreements, credit card debt, bank overdrafts, personal loans, gambling debts, mortgage debt and hire purchase repayment.

Selecting a debt advice agency is a big decision, so you will want to be certain that you’re choosing the right firm to give you professional legal help and advice. You will be reassured to know that if you are looking for debt specialists in your area, you need look no further than Bournes Debt Solutions.

The Bournes debt management plan is a six stage process which is designed to give their advisors a full understanding of your current financial situation. After they have assessed your needs they will be able to create a debt management plan to suit your requirements.

Bournes debt advisors can often be with you within 24 hours of receiving your telephone call. You can contact Bournes Debt Solutions by completing the online enquiry form on their website or by calling them direct on 0845 845 0140

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