Monday, 23 June 2008

Mobility Buddy - New Metafocus SEO Client

One of our recent SEO customers is a company in Nottinghamshire called Mobility Buddy.

The company have over 20 years experience in selling mobility aids such as Walking sticks, Zimmer frames and disabled scooters.

On the website I was surprised to find such a great range of living aids which could make everyday life much easier for everyone! I think that certain products like commodes and rollators are aimed towards elderly and disabled people, but the living aids could be used by everyone.

I’ve picked out a selection of items which I think could make modern life a bit less stressful!

Bottle & Jam Jar Opener

Say good bye to the damp tea towel method! Never say to someone else again “you hold the bottom, I’ll twist the top!”

J-Popper Ring Pull Opener

I’m not really one for looking after my nails, but I do know it hurts when you bend your nails opening awkward cans. This opener could probably work on beer cans too!

Bed Tray

I was ill last week and worked from home for a couple of days. I had problems using my laptop in bed and resting it on top of the duvet made it get quite hot. This tray would have been perfect!

Book Butler

When I was back at Uni I think this would have come in useful. Most new text books wont stay open on a flat desk, and this Book Butler means you don’t have to sit hunched over holding pages down with your elbows!

Have a look on the website and I think you will be surprised what you will find! For more information contact 0800 107 8445

Mobility Buddy:

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