Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Google Alerts for SEO

One online tool I have recently started using much more is Google Alerts. It is an automated system that emails you when it discovers new online material relating to your alert criteria.

Currently there are 6 different Google Alert types available: Comprehensive, News, Web, Blogs, Video, Groups and Comprehensive. These relate to the different search options available in Google.

The alerts are designed to be set up for keywords, but I have started using them for urls. This is quite a handy trick for anyone who works on a site’s SEO. The Google alert lets you keep tabs on any developments to your web pages – It is very handy when you find out where and when people have linked to them, very important if you are building links into the site. A friend on the David Castle SEO forum also suggested that the Google Alert technique could be used to help get new web pages or new domains listed in the search results.

I currently have lots of Alerts running. I have quite a range of different types and keywords. Examples of these include: a comprehensive alert on my SEO Nottingham blog url, and several of our clients keywords such as “luxury bed and breakfast” “hellebores” or “global online marketing

Give them a try, keep up to date with your competitors and stay up to date with changes to your keywords and urls.

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