Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Hanging in there with SEO!

At Metafocus we have got a fairly wide selection of clients who are enrolled on our monthly SEO program. A full list of our clients can be found on our links page. They range from small hotels in Newark, luxury bed and breakfasts, to haulage firms and contemporary architects.

As you can imagine, with such a wide range of clients comes an extremely long list of keywords. Good keywords should be relevant to the site and also be receiving traffic in the search engines. What’s the point in optimising sites for words that people aren’t typing into Google? Contrary to what some SEO companies may say, there is no point!

For some sites there is no choice but to optimise for fairly competitive keywords. There are many reasons for this, for example often clients will insist that their sites are optimised for specific keywords, or trying to optimise the site for more long tailed or localised keywords may result in very low levels of web traffic.

watson sessions management consultantsOne of our clients is a group of strategic management consultants in Nottingham called Watson Sessions. Their domain is quite new with having only been registered in February. They do currently rank well for localised keywords such as “marketing consultants Nottingham” and “Business consultants Nottingham” but for other less specific keywords such as “strategic management consultants”, “strategy consultants” and “business consultancy” the site does not currently rank so well.

Over time as we build more links into the site, promote the site online, and as the domain matures the website will climb up the search positions for these important keywords. At the moment it feels like we are putting a lot of effort into promoting the site online for very low rewards. We just need to be confident with what we are doing – one day the site will rank well for “executive coaching and mentoring” and “independent business advice”.

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