Monday, 21 July 2008

Making Money on the Internet.. Update

Well.. it's been a few weeks and I am fast approaching my deadline of the end of July to come up with some big suggestions.

I have managed a few ideas. I have registered a new domain for a Beaver Castle site I am going to create. At the moment I am working on the site design and also writing some content.

The Beaver Castle domain was only registered a few weeks ago, but it is already ranking quite well in Google for its main keyword. It's quite suprising, the site is ranked in the top 10 Google results in the space of a few days, with no inbound links (the above link is the first one!) and very little content on the page - just shows the importance that the domain name plays in a website's SEO.

Overall its been a fairly productive few weeks. I have got a few more ideas in the pipeline which will hopefully work out quite well.. On a plus note, I have also made £7 selling bits and bobs on ebay :)

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