Friday, 11 July 2008

SEO at Metafocus

One of the biggest sites which we have built recently at Metafocus is an ecommerce site selling male grooming products called Aspetto. aspetto male grooming

The site has been live for around six months and has presented lots of interesting challenges for us with the online marketing and SEO side of things.

At Metafocus we have a wide range of consumer and business facing websites. Speaking honestly, I find it more interesting working on the consumer facing sites! I think it’s more appealing thinking about “birthday gifts for men” and “mens skincare” than say something like “potassium permanganate”.

I often find it a bit strange that while I was studying marketing at Leicester University, most of the course content related to business to consumer (B2C) rather than business to business marketing. I think that this might be why working on consumer sites feels more familiar.

When we devise an online marketing plan for a site like Aspetto there is always a big selection of sites that we can incorporate and use to our advantage. We try to use lots of different social networking sites, blogs and forums to help attract visitors to the site. This makes it more interesting for us, and also by casting our nets a little further we should also get better results.

If you think that your business needs help to grow online, or if you are interested in search engine optimisation give Metafocus a call on 0115 947 0011.

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